XFire Update 09/6/06

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XFire Update 09/6/06

Postby The_B » 09 Jun 2006, 00:09

An update to the XFire client has been released, and will automatically be downloaded and applied to your XFire client the next time XFire starts. The changes are as follows:

ImageAdded the option in Tools | Options | Chat to increase or decrease the text size in chat windows and the main list view.
ImageAdded the ability to preload most of a file before its official release time, and then complete it after it is officially available in the download system.
ImageContinued improving the game stats in Quake 3 from client game logs. To see them, play Quake 3 and then check out your profile page.
ImageImproved the DirectDraw handler for Xfire In-Game to be able to add more DirectDraw games in future releases.
ImageImproved messages in the Tools | Options | Games dialog.
ImageUpdated translations for 12 non-English languages.
ImageFixed a problem when you create a group of friends with a name that is too long.
ImageFixed a scrolling problem with new chat windows created from conversations started while playing a game.
ImageFixed detection of Everquest, Gunz: The Duel, and all other games using PlayingDetectType=ByWindow.
ImageFixed game icons for games added in game updates.
ImageFixed a problem with auto-AFK when xfire_toucan.dll did not load properly.
ImageFixed numerous small interface bugs with user to user file transfers.

New games supported:

Heroes of Might and Magic V,
City of Heroes Test Server,
City of Villains Test Server,
Hitman Blood Money,
Half-Life 2 Episode One,
Black & White 2 Battle of the Gods,
The Longest Journey,
The Da Vinci Code,
Star Trek Armada II,
Star Trek Away Team,
Hidden: Source,
Goldeneye: Source,
Kreedz Climbing,
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