Prey Demo Released

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Prey Demo Released

Postby The_B » 22 Jun 2006, 14:57

3D Realms, famous for the Duke Nukem series have today released the demo of the FPS lovingly referred to by fans as "Not Duke Nukem Forever" - Prey.

Prey, which has been in development almost as long as the fabled Duke sequel has been through several iterations, including being canned and then picked up again, yet finally we're close to a release in a couple of weeks. The story centres around a young Cherokee called Tommy, who shuns the ways of his ancestors to live a "normal" American life as a mechanic. That is, until Aliens invade and kidnap his Girlfriend that is...

With more than a hint of Doom 3-ness - it uses the same engine - but with a great big dollop of weird gravity/portal/space station FPS action, Prey looks set to be an interesting shooter, and definately seems very promising, and you can try it out for yourself.

The demo, weighing in at a hefty 450MB can be found at various locations, and the nice people at 3D Realms have put up a big list of locations here for you.
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