[Play for Japan] - Charity LBP Auctions

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[Play for Japan] - Charity LBP Auctions

Postby CardiffGreens » 28 Mar 2011, 21:04

As we all know, the past few weeks have seen terrible events unfold in Japan.

Without wishing to trivialise the horrors people are no doubt going through, or the relief work being undertaken. I'd thought I could mention something that the folks at Media Molecule (the studio behind Little Big Planet) are currently doing.

As part of a wider "Play for Japan" appeal for donations, several auctions (set to expire on Friday) are currently running to provide donations to the American Red Cross - these auctions are for a number of framed concept art sketches (along with a very-rare signed-special-art-version-copy of the game) and for a "prize winning" crown in-game item (usually only given to those players who have won the various in-game competitions or for those who go beyond the "call of duty").

Links are as follows:

LBP news item

Concept art one auction
Concept art two auction
Concept art three auction
Concept art four auction

In game crown auction

Edit- changed the url for the crown, since they changed it =P
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