PLANETSIDE2 News feed - Last update 10th August 2012

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PLANETSIDE2 News feed - Last update 10th August 2012

Postby CardiffGreens » 31 Mar 2011, 17:36

I'll keep this one updated as I go, rather than create a new thread each time I find something interesting on Twitter...
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31st March 2011
So, 1 day after Smedley tweeted that PS:N was getting more staff, Planetside Universe has reported that Sony Online Entertainment has reduced the size of its workforce by nearly a third

Though given the recent drought of information / pretty pictures that SOE were providing us over the past month (i.e. none), it'll be interesting whether any of this makes much difference to us mere mortals... =P

1st April 2011
News has appeared on the main PS forums from Linda "Brasse" Carlson - plans are afoot to get a few words from the producers (on the topic of Planetside:Next to whet our appetite) out to us next week.
Brasse wrote:To Troops of all factions,

We wanted to share this information with you all directly, rather than having you read about it on another site. What does this news mean for the squads of seasoned fighters in PlanetSide? There are few occasions when we see Vanu, NC and Terran all aligned in game, but we see it every day when we come to the PS forums or read about your campaigns in blogs, videos and other sites. We are listening; the community’s long-term and unflagging support of PlanetSide has ensured that it is one of the franchises that SOE will focus on going forward. I know that you’ve all seen a few cryptic and veiled messaged here and there regarding a new evolution of the game… while most of this development is still highly classified, we hope to bring you at least a few words from the Producer next week to whet your appetite and anticipation for the future.

4th April 2011
Planetside Universe has released a small update from Smed regarding the delays to Planetside (specifically the big announcement due in March):

Smed wrote:The layoffs had nothing to do with PS Next being delayed a bit. That's simply a function of us updating the underlying technology to allow some cool new things we are doing.

Smed also replied directly to the PSU thread a couple of times:
(In responding to concerns about the lack of media coverage on the game):
Smed wrote:What I have been trying to do is to keep the folks at PSU updated because you guys are the most loyal Planetside fans. Ive released stuff ahead of any marketing or PR push. Recently ( a few weeks ago actually) we made the call to update the game to a new internally developed engine. Doing that meant delaying the game, but we thought it was in the best interests of Planetside Next. It also means delaying releasing further info for a little while. I will let you all know more when we firm up the schedule. The likely next step is a larger scale release of information and the beta signups going up. As I've said previously current Planetside subs will be included automatically.

Normally when we do game announcements we do a much bigger concerted information push all at once and these kind of one off posts don't happen. In this case I feel like the Planetside audience has hung in with us for a long time and I really want to involve you all more in advance of the official info. However what happens is everything gets carried across the net and the actual info gets changed. I'm sorry for that happening. We will do our best to keep you informed early. But that necessarily means that sometimes when things change you have to be ready for that too.

(In whether this is a sequel):
Smed wrote:Someone asked if this is a sequel.

It is.

(Whether all three empires will remain):
Smed wrote:They do

(Whether the Certification system will remain):
Smed wrote:1 - PSN is a skill based game at it's core. Player skills ( as opposed to character skills) are always going to be the most important. That said we have some cool new things to offer in this department. Not ready to share just yet but we have some cool new things here.

(Whether the fights will still involve 100's of players - as concerns from some quarters have been raised about instancing the gameplay etc):
Smed wrote:2. Planetside IS a massively multiplayer game. That's what makes us different than Battlefield 3 ( which looks awesome btw). You wont see fighting on the scale we are going to offer anywhere else period. Not even close.

14th April 2011
Planetside Universe have (for wont of a better word) leaked the PS:N producers letter. Which I have copied for all and sundry to read:.

PS:N wrote:Looking back through the archives, it’s been a while since we’ve done a proper Planetside Producer letter, so let’s get rolling!

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Andrew Sites and about a month ago I joined the Planetside Next development team as the Executive Producer. While I may be new to Planetside, I’ve been around the block a few times here at Sony Online. I’ve worked in production on several SOE projects, including EverQuest, EverQuest II, Free Realms and most recently was the EP on Clone Wars Adventures. But enough about me, let’s talk about Planetside.

While combing through the Planetside forums, I can see that you’re not just amped about the promise of a sequel being developed, but even more so, you want some details. With Planetside now approaching its 8 year anniversary, it’s still easy to look back and see just how it set the bar for Massively Multiplayer FPS games. It was fun, fast-paced and most importantly, it offered truly MASSIVE FPS combat that hasn’t been recreated since. When we started designing Planetside Next, our goal was to build upon the original foundational elements that made it unique, while focusing heavily on the large-scale combat that set it apart from the competition. We’ve got some big shoes to fill, but as we begin unveiling the details, I think you’re going to be VERY excited to see what we have planned.

As you know, Planetside Next was announced by Smed via Twitter about a year and a half ago. Since then, the development team has been pining away on a new graphics engine, building art assets and designing new content. To support our ongoing development efforts, the team has increased in size significantly over the past several weeks. We’ve also brought back several team members from the original Planetside art, design and code team, as well as a ton of other talented, experienced MMO and FPS developers – many of whom I will begin introducing to you in my next update.

To say that the team and I are excited would be an understatement. Over the coming weeks and months, you can expect to receive a lot more detail about what we have in-store for PSNext. Much of this information will be presented to the PS community exclusively, because frankly, if your passion for the original didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be typing this.

Planetside set the bar for the Massively Multiplayer FPS market 8 year ago and we look forward to setting it again.

23rd May 2011
PSU has reported that according to the game's Chinese development team, the9 the new game will be called "Planetside 2" after PS:Next was deemed to be no longer suitable.

Some gameplay details and a map overlay was hinted at, with "4km x 4km maps", "mutliple bases", "several continents", "distinct biospheres" and "unique gameplay areas" all listed.

A glimpse of a PS2 map can be found here

17th June 2011
Smed has tweeted that PS2/PS:N news should be announced during the upcoming Sony Fan Faire - taking place during July 7th-9th.

30th July
The SOE fan faire schedule now has the game listed as "Planetside Next" again. and there was much rejoicing

6th July
The Planetside 2 website has now been updated with a lovely countdown until the 7th. SOE have also launched a Facebook page.

7th July
PSU have announced news regarding the Fan Faire schedule. Long story short, 2am Friday Morning UTC (3am BST) for John Smedley's "Community Address" followed by a "Dev Team Discussion" at 5pm UTC (6pm BST).

8th July
The Planetside 2 website has been launched, with a sign-up box, an awesome trailer and some screenies.

PSU have also collated a ton of information along with some renders of each empire's MAX units (VS | NC | TR), and some frightningly awesome city-scape environment shots.

I've included the FAQ below: FAQ wrote:What is PlanetSide® 2?
PlanetSide 2 is a Massively Multiplayer first person shooter that delivers truly epic, massive combat on a scale never before seen in stunning, breathtaking detail. Battles take place not between dozens of troops, but thousands; with air and ground vehicles slugging it out alongside squads of troops. Whether in open fields, tightly-packed urban centers or enormous structures, winning requires strategic teamwork and a quick trigger finger.

Is PlanetSide 2 an MMO?
Yes. PlanetSide 2 is an MMO FPS set in an online persistent world where the war wages non-stop and the balance of power shifts with every base and territory captured and lost. Players will be able to unlock diverse combat roles by advancing through the deep skill trees, including several classic roles from PlanetSide. As players unlock new roles, they can switch between them at will.

What are the three factions you can choose from in PlanetSide 2?
Terran Republic - An authoritarian government that leverages military might to maintain strict control over the colonial citizens. The Terran Republic is obsessed with the preservation of law and order and are thus seen by some to be an oppressive and dictatorial force, but many view the TR as the only hope for lasting security on Auraxis.
New Conglomerate - Rebels, freedom fighters or terrorists? The New Conglomerate operates as a loosely organized band of dissidents, vehemently opposed to the stranglehold that the Terran Republic has on Auraxis. Led by an unusual quorum of outcasts, industry titans, pirates and former military leaders, the New Conglomerate is unwavering and prepared to achieve their goals by any means necessary.
Vanu Sovereignty - Vanu has taught that only through technology can humanity evolve it's next state of existence. The Vanu Sovereignty is extremely advanced, employing powerful alien technology on the battlefield. Their singular purpose is to uncover the secrets hidden away in ancient artifacts scattered over the surface of Auraxis and they will annihilate anyone who interferes.

Will there be vehicle-based combat in PlanetSide 2?
Absolutely - There are many different types of air and land based vehicles that all work together carefully.

What is the business model for Planetside 2?
We will have more information on this in the months ahead. Sign up to receive our email updates and like us on Facebook to be in the know.

When will PlanetSide 2 go live?
We will have more information on this in the months ahead. Sign up to receive our email updates and like us on Facebook to be in the know.

Will there be a Beta?
Yes. We will ensure that PlanetSide players will be among the first in. Sign up to receive our email updates and like us on Facebook to be in the know. Also, if you played awhile ago it would be a good idea to make sure that your Station Account has your most recent email address. Go to and click My Account.

Also, a long talky bit about the game - taken from the Fan Faire after Joe Smedley's introduction.

11th July 2011
PSU has lovingly collated all the Q&A from the fan faire

PS2 Fan faire wrote: On the Class System
The skill tree and classes go hand in hand, you can switch between roles as often as you want depending what is needed at the time. Things like weapon attachments will be based on the skill tree. Also you will be able to queue up 24 hours of skills to train so you can train your characters offline. However there will still be battle rank involved which will prevent you from training all skills unless you advance in battle rank. Skill training will also occur quicker when you are online.

On Resource Collection
On a continent you will have multiple regions that can be captured that have specific resources tied to them. Some areas may be more rich in rare resources some in common materials. Auraxium will be one of the rare resources that can be obtained. You will be able to unlock secondary weapons such as mortar cannons and AA guns on tanks. You will do this based on resources collected by your empire or outfit. Resources will make gameplay more strategic, for example denying resources to empires to gain an advantage.

On Outfit Customization
Outfits will have skill trees also that will be customizable. Outfits can spec specifically to increase certain aspects such as focusing on being an air cavalry outfit, or infiltry and max outfits.

On long term plans.
There will be a three year plan for PlanetSide 2 for all of the players to review and and provide feedback. Based on feedback the plan could be changed or moved around.

On Game Focus
It's about giving back to the players, SOE wants to make PlanetSide 2 for the players who have stuck to the game for years, and the hardcore players who participate day in and day out.

On the scale of gameplay
There will be multiple continents in the game just as with the original PlanetSide. Down the road there will even be multiple worlds.

On gameplay systems
There will be an extensive mission system in PlanetSide 2 to assist in coordinating PlanetSide 2 combat on a much larger scale than seen in PlanetSide 1.

On the Territorial Control Systems
Due to the structure of the systems there will be a large variety of heavily contested areas such as large forests. Large and open areas could be conquered entirely with vehicles, this goes for air and ground vehicles. Much of the territorial control system will be based similarly on bases where if you capture a base or structure you own the territory. There will be bonuses to capturing territories that are connected. It will also add more vertical gameplay to the game.

On the pace of Gameplay
Moment to moment pacing for PlanetSide 2 is much faster than PlanetSIde 1.

On external access to data
Most data will be accessible from outside so webapps can b built on top of the game. Services such as signature generators and statistic pages could be built around the data feeds.

On urban combat.
There will be "Urban Like" combat in PlanetSide 2.

On the Flight Model
They want skill based vehicle driving to play a much larger role in PlanetSide 2. There will be much more advanced flight mechanics with barrel roles and flips. Real skill will be required to fly vehicles so quality pilots will be in demand.
Fan Faire Community Questions wrote: When is beta?
Beta will ready when we feel the game is ready for people to play and test in. There is no solid date at this time.

What are you most excited about in Planetside 2?
I am most excited about the world system and the territorial control system, for example being able to capture a ridge or a river bend. Also the engine is capable of things volumetric clouds where vehicles could fly in and hide in the clouds.

Can you tell us if 3rd person will play a role in PlanetSide 2?
There will only be a 3rd person view for certain air vehicles, infantry will not have a third person view at all. There may be things like cameras that an infiltrator can throw on a wall to monitor who is coming up the stairs or around a corner.

Can we expect more varied base layouts?
Currently they coming up with a way on interiors are going to work, working on predictability vs randomness. Leaning towards more standard base layouts rather than random. But combat will be less centralized on bases. There will not be specific purpose built facilities such as drop ship etc (ie you won't require a dropship center to build dropships)

Are there any plans for a larger variety in towers?
Right now there are two types of towers. We hope to have more variety in towers.

Are there any plans for more in-depth character creation, like what was done from EQ to EQ2?
There will not be a large variety of character creation due to the large scale of the game.

Game Appearance - How will weapon-customization be implemented into the game?
There will be weapon customization in the game. The customization will be very sensitive to player gaining too much power. An upgrade may allow you to unlock different variants that are less accurate but do more damage. There will be a 15% to 20% maximum difference between players who are new compared to experienced.

Will base names remain similar in PlanetSide 2?
The team hopes to use similar base names as well as continents in PlanetSide 2.

Will wreckage remain on the battlefield?
Wreckage will stay around on the battlefield for a period of time, hopefully minutes but it is still up for balance.

Are you currently planning to make an expansion pack or periodically add content?
There will be large scale content releases rather than expansion packs in PlanetSide 2.

What are your plans for the storyline? Will it be expanded upon?
The PlanetSide 2 story is the re-imaging of PlanetSide, you are still in Auraxis and allot of the story from PlanetSide will be re-examined in PlanetSide 2

Will there be more of a detailed hitbox in PlanetSide 2? For example will we see Headshots this time around?
There will be headshots in the game as well as locational damage on Vehicles.

Can the terrain be altered (destructable terrain)?
At this stage of development this is still up in the air.

Do we still have a sanctuary? Or is it replaced with something else?
The sanctuaries and shuttle system do not exist in PlanetSide 2 since they slow down the gameplay. You will be able to spawn directly on squad mates based on skills, squad spawning can only happen outside since squad spawning actually drops a capsule from the sky. Additionally you will be able to spawn in Galaxies.

What changes will we see in the command system in Planetside 2?
There will be squad level command systems that allow tagging of targets as well as outfit based command. There will also be orbital strikes in the game, all of these abilities will be based on the skill system in the game.

What kind of new features can we expect for Outfits?
Later on down the road (likley not at release) we hope to provide a skin system to allow outfits to customize their armors so the will be more recognizable on the battlefield. This type of system would be approved by the PlanetSide Team to cut down on inappropriate submissions.

Will there be a merit system?
Yes we hope to have a merit system in PlanetSide 2

Matt Higby, the creative director answered an awful lot of questions on a reddit thread - Kudos for all this info must go to Bags on PSU, and his wonderful googledoc!
Matt Higby wrote:Q: How will squad spawning be balanced?
Matt: Oh, wow. I'm a big fan, dude. I'm super geeked you replied to this. heh. Squad spawning is really tricky to balance, no doubt. What we haven't talked about are things like the requirements to do it (needs a relatively advanced spec'd squad leader in your squad to use) and it will be on some kind of cooldown based on the squad leader. It's definitely not designed to be your primary respawn method.

Q: Why was veh hacking removed?
-Couple reasons, the one you mention is one, another is because we really want to push the empires to be very different in PS2, and getting ahold of enemy weapons and vehicles makes it a lot more of a balance nightmare.
- Keep in mind that from a technical perspective, having to make VS and TR specific texture variants for an NC vanguard is as expensive to our texture budget as having two unique vehicles too (assuming we'd want to do it right, with a full skin not just a decal swap, which we would). Our texture budget is already stretched with all the unique armor, vehicles, weapons etc. I can't think of any other AAA fps game that would have anything close to our texture requirements.
- You'll have fun as an Infiltrator in PS2, I promise.

Q: How will the command system work? Going from the fact commanders will be able to create custom missions for squads and such, will there be a more merit-based system for commander-ascension? Or the same command-experience system in Planetside 1 which ends up with more commanders than actual soldiers?
Matt: it's not based on CR like in Planetside. There are a couple paths to being a commander. One is through the cert tree, there will be several leadership related skill trees that you can progress through - progressing these means sacrificing progressing in other, more direct combat orientated roles, so those players who want to be commanders will have to be dedicated.
-You'll also be able to access some of this stuff through the outfits system, more details on that portion in the future.

Q: Sup matt. Big fan of planetside(since i got into beta) and still currently subbed. Got a question or two for ya.
First off, that vehicle(assuming mag rider type) firing in the trailer, Is that's just some alpha type effects and will be redone? ^^
The class system, if you choose to start certing into max(or wuteva) will I have the capability to do anything else or will it be very specialized(only a max user for your outfit). Basically how much variety can you have in your certs/classes?
Will the reaver/mosq still have the same roles as ps1 & how different is the flight system?
nyways <3 for making the game ive been wanting for ever.
Matt: We're definitely still in the meat of the development cycle, which means that more passes are being done on art, systems, balance, particles, etc.
- the cert system is really, really free-form. You can be as specialized or generalized as you want to be. If you want to put all your advancement time into Reavers you can do that, and you'll have a more maneuverable, durable and powerful vehicle with plenty of options for secondary weapons and fun gadgets. If you want to spread your certification across lots of different things and be more of a jack of all trades, go for it.
- The flight mechanics are a lot more realistic than the flying camera PS1 vehicles. We're using PhysX for all our vehicles.

Q: Several of my friends who played the original extensively are wondering if veteran Planetside players are going to see any benefits carrying over into the sequel. I know they're the first pick for beta, but is there anything else in the works? Other sequels (specifically EQ2 and GW2) have offered veteran players the opportunity to reserve character and guild names in the sequel, as well as other benefits.
MAtt: We'll be taking good care of Planetside players who join us in Planetside 2.

Q: What kind of "sandbox" aspects will be included? I heard about the outfit bases, but will there be the ability to make whole "towns"? Will there be aquatic bound vehicles this time?
Matt: Much of the sandbox gameplay is stuff we're talking about for post-launch, I feel like it'd be a bit premature for me to talk too much about it right now. I do like boats, probably won't see them at launch, though.

Q: If (post == legitimate) { echo "So when's the beta / release?"; }
Matt: As soon as we're ready.
- Copout answer, but honestly, I want to get the game out there and getting played more than anyone, and we're busting our asses to make that happen - but no one wants a rush job, right?

Q: 1) BFRs? Dear God say no. 2) When can I expect a release date/beta? 3) Any rough idea on what the hardware requirements might be 4) any chance of a ps3 release (cross-platform with pc!!) 5) Seriously....why NC? VS for life. 6)Any thoughts on boats/ships/sea combat? 7) which reminds me, can you elaborate at all about the differences between classes...that's all...for now.
Matt: 1. no bfrs
2. can't say much about dates right now, sorry!
3 we're gunning for 4-5 year old machines as our low end. More on exact system specs soon as we lock it down
4.I'm already busy enough trying to get ps2 ready for launch and all these people are already asking me about ps3? Jeez people.
5. suck it, barney
6. I think it's awesome, boats rule
7 The classes are designed to give a specific combat role to soldiers on the battlefield. This helps a few things: 1) makes enemies immediately recognizable, you see someone and you'll know what sort of bad things they'll be able to do to you 2) helps players understand their purpose a bit better. We'll have familiar classes like Medics, Engineers, Heavy Assault, Infiltrators, and MAXs. Each of these will have significant room to specialize and tailor to your playstyle

Q: Can you swim?
Matt: Yes, although I cannot surf. I'm looking off my balcony at some surfers right now and it's making me jealous.

Q: Why the move away from the mechanic of certifications in the first Planetside, which was one of the best things about the game?
- I loved Planetside, played for several years, and I'm happy that Planetside 2 is in development, but the news I've read makes it seem like a vain attempt to cash in by transplanting ideas taken from the biggest MMOs on the market today, and not an advancement of what made Planetside great.
- Some aspects of certifications in the original Planetside were great. The freedom to grab whatever cert you wanted, instead of being restricted by some arbitrary experience tree or bar for a particular piece of equipment, was extremely gratifying. I really hated imprinting, Command Rank, and medal-restricted certifications because they took the opposite path.
- There are some people who like to continuously "earn" things in an endless steady progression, and MMOs usually cater to these people. But FPS games are by and large competitive in nature, and being prevented from executing some strategy because requisite equipment hasn't been "earned" is extremely irritating, almost punishing. I enjoy the feeling of getting more skilled at playing the game, and I'd rather the game reward me for that, instead of punishing me less as time goes on.
[Certification system, horizontal power growth]
Matt: I have for years used the Planetside cert system as an example of an absolutely ingenious and well-executed system, so I'm right with you on it's brilliance. It works incredibly well to let players grow in meaningful but horizontal ways. Our system does a lot of the same things, but we've got a lot more stuff to unlock and the depth lets us have some power growth (~20% total potential power growth from a 5 minute player to a 5 year player is our goal) and long term reach goals for players.

Q: Will there be meaningful Day/Night Cycles?
Will Hitboxes become important in PS2?
Matt: the engine supports day/night cycle really, really well. We definitely want to take advantage of that.
- yes

Q: I have to ask, quick knife or equip knife? (One stab one kill?)
Matt: We're still deliberating. Some of the discussions about this have almost ended with people getting stabbed. Passionate debate.

Q: As an outfit leader, will I need to spec in leadership just to create/control my outfit?
Matt: Nope, we moved away from this because it sucked if you're in a huge outfit and the leader with all the outfit leadership skills quits.
- Outfits DO have a skill tree though, it's progressed similar to the player progression (outfit leaders and designated officers can decide where the time based skill unlocks go), and it unlocks things like max outfit size, outfit customization (visual and gameplay related). We really want outfits to feel like army divisions, i.e. when you see someone who is in the 101st airbourne you know that's a badass paratrooper. We're going to allow you to specialize your outfit in, for instance, Heavy Armor so when you come rolling over the hills in your decked out, customized Prowlers with outfit level bonuses and the "Jownzorz's Javelins" logo on the side all the troops on the ground know that the serious tank drivers have arrived. That's the goal.
- edit to add: the other cool thing about this is it creates the aspiration for anyone on your empire who is interested in driving tanks to want to join your badass outfit too.

Suggestion: Suggestion for when you make new planets. Don't just make new terrain. Make the planets different. Different gravity, atmospheres, etc, that also has vehicles and armors unique to it. A gas giant planet with floating cruisers, all air, and jetpack infantry. A moon with low gravity and no atmosphere where you can jump 100 yards. A venusian hell hole with such bad weather flying machines are completely out of the question and even infantry armors are like MAX units. A water world with little land mass, that is devoted almost entirely to sea battles.
Matt: cool ideas =)

Q: Why add power growth?
Matt: well, we (game developers) put this stuff in because people, in general, like feeling like they're getting more powerful. meaningful character progression is integral to keeping many people interested and motivated in games. Planetside 2 will always be about player skill first and foremost.

Q: Will that span on to environmental effects? Like in Planetside, but because the option to turn them off existed, being able to see the awesome sandstorms was a disadvantage to the people who didn't have to see it. ..Basically, will stuff like sandstorms and other weather effects exist (and be permanently turned on for all player)?
Matt: We've got a really cool weather system design, I'm hoping we can squeeze it in for launch. Gameplay affecting things like volumetric fog/clouds shouldn't be able to be toggled.

Q: n regard to number 7
- I understand the points you make, but I feel you are underestimating the player base with that decision. What made the original Planetside great was that your character could be one of those classes specifically or a little bit of each. It was something the old game did well, and what you're planning on implementing, I fell works better for a game of a smaller scale, such as TF2, COD, or Battlefield. This is because in those games, combat remains relatively stagnant; while in PS, the conditions are constantly changing. For instance, the fight can change between short and long distances, vehicle based to indoors, high ground to low ground. In the original PS, you could vary what you did across classes, in order to better fit the situation. Let's once again use the sniper as an example. For a far range battle, you could set up your inventory with a lot of ammo, and no support equipment, since you would have a relative distance between you and your allies. Then, when the battle moves closer, you can switch it out with more support items, and less ammo, maybe ditch a sidearm or something, either way, you could trade off something, in this case ammo, in order to obtain something else, support. The way it seems your taking the game is that, you are what class you are, so be it.
- Now, in regards to the "helps players understand their purpose a bit better." In the first game, you made your purpose; there was no reason to fence you into a specific thing, and their shouldn't be now unless you feel the player base is incapable of deciding their best play style, or that the game would become too unbalanced as a result of someone being able to snipe you and heal their teammate. Anyway, I'm not saying that implementing a COD/Halo/Battlefield system will not work, but just pointing out, the old game had a really good open system.
Matt: What you're describing is basically what we're doing. You can switch classes, loadouts, etc situationally. Either when you respawn or at equipment terminals.
-I agree the ps1 had a great system, we're definitely keeping the spirit of that system in ps2. What you won't have is a dude that looks like a medic rolling around with a rocket launcher, or a light assault dude with a jump jet who also can use a chaingun. We're offering a lot of cool, divergent gameplay styles that in a completely freeform style system would be way, way too easy to stack and exploit.

Q: Can you confirm that there will not be face blood splatters ala Call of Duty?
Matt: you guys don't like the strawberry jam???

Q: If I have heavy assault(example) will I be able to heal myself at all, or am I 100% dependent on a medic / engineer??
Matt: you'll probably have at least some capacity to heal yourself, but this is something we're actively designing and iterating at the moment.

Q: 1. Thresher?
2. You say that the offline skill training system is there to help friends keep up with each other. But, from what I understand, you still need battleranks, which dictate how many certs you can have trained, and (I think) how high your cert tree is unlocked. How does the offline skill training assist when you still need to be playing to unlock cert points/cert trees? Are battleranks relatively fast to level compared to training the certs?
3.Can we talk with enemies? I've made some very good friends with people I've fought.
4.Working off of #3, why no multiple empires per server so I can play with those friends? Empire hoppers can be balanced with restrictions on moving to a high population empire(plus it can be used to entice people to move to a low populated empire). The answer you or someone else gave is spying, but this is planetside.. Go play eve, where spies can cost you months or years of work. People can learn opsec same as in EVE.
5.How 'locked in' are the loadouts for classes? Can a medic use any infantry weapon? Can any class carry a heal tool, but they just don't get bonuses like a medic would? Many people enjoyed weird things. I've seen cloakers with advanced medic rez a gen hold before.
6.Is there a customizable inventory so you can vary how much stuff you bring? Carrying extra medkits, extra ammo, an extra gun, stacking ammo into a MAX for a gen hold?
7. Will there be a proper Infantry AA solution? Specialized AA weapons, alternate fires on AV weapons, etc?
8.MAX customization? One of my fondest wishes for maxes was a utility slot that let you pick which special you got. Jump Jets, overdrive, and shields each had pros and cons, and different situations they would be useful. A more varied MAX weapon selection also wouldn't have been amiss..
10. Will we be able to recert? I know, you want to hook people with RPG elements to get their money, but I really loved how you could mess with your certs whenever you felt like on the first week of a new alt. Could that be tied into the resource economy? Pay for redistribution of cert points? Then indecisive people like me could jump around to different things, by choosing to spend our money there, instead of on weapon upgrades.
11. Will there be a subscription? One of the things that keeps me out of PS right now is I just don't play enough to justify the $15 a month. Can you do like prepaid phones do, and buy, say, 30 hours for $15 or something(which don't expire)? Then I could hop in a few hours a month and play around when I felt like if I wasn't bigtime into the game anymore.
12. When you talked of outfit certs, you mentioned they could specialize. Would a reaver certed pilot in a reaver outfit have better reavers than a reaver pilot in a tank outfit? Or would the reaver outfit pilot just not have to cert them things for himself? Are the bonuses in addition to personal certs? Or do they replace them? Also, I'd recommend having an internal hierarchy for this. Few outfits will want to be all max/infiltrator/etc. They'd have an internal squad for this.
13. I can understand no 3rd person for infantry, but why no 3rd for vehicles? It really helped maneuvering around invincible obstacles and avoiding squishies who were apparently never taught to look both ways before crossing the courtyard. If definitely no 3rd person vehicles, can we get trackir support for the driver view?
Matt: wow.
1 - I'm not really ready to talk about exactly which vehicles will be in the game. I can say that we're carrying over many from the original. Since we're still balancing, tuning, and adding to and removing from the game, saying what will be there at launch is a good way for me to potentially disappoint folks. Threshers are pretty awesome, though.
2 - Battlerank is character based, unless you never actually participate in combat you'll be BR 20 (our current max, not necessarily our final max) long, long before you max out a skill tree. Once you're BR 20 the entire skill tree will be open to you.
3 - We're not restricting cross-empire communication currently.
4 - The current plan is to lock you to one empire per server. This isn't something that we're going to be dogmatic about, if we find compelling reasons to open it up we will.
5 - You'll see many weapons cross classes, you just won't see heavy weapons on light classes, or max weapons on heavy classes, etc. Some weapons will be more locked down than others.
6 - I answered this somewhere else, there will be the ability to customize loadouts, but it won't be an open freeform inventory.
7 - Yes, our goal is to have fully balanced Air-to-Ground, Ground-to-Air and Air-to-Air gameplay, that includes viable infantry anti-air.
8 - MAXes will be as customizable as everything else, you'll be able to select abilities, utilities, weapons, etc.
10 - I think you'll find that the base game is pretty open in what it lets you explore, the time you put in will be to specialize down those paths. Right now there's no plan to allow for recert.
11 - Can't get into business model quite yet, sorry
12 - The spirit of the design is to let you unlock some really cool, unique bonuses through outfit specialization. Here's a completely fabricated, not-actually-in-the-game-so-please-don't-expect-it-to-be-or-call-me-a-liar-when-it's-not example: Your heavy armor focused outfit can unlock the ability to use seige mode on your vanguards, now you can setup outside a base, deploy your tanks and while suffering a firing rate penalty you can attack over a greater distance with aoe bombardments. This is ability would be completely unique to NC outfits that have specialized in heavy armor.
13 - If we do allow 3rd person for vehicles it would be for maneuvering only, you wouldn't have a targeting reticle in 3rd person.

Q: One of my main concerns so far concerns the class system/inventory management. In the original PS, once you purchased the cert for something, you could use it with any other thing you wanted; i.e. you could have both have a sniper rife and a healing tool. So basically, is that sort of inventory management still going to be left up to the player, or are you going to to limit the influence on what any character can be at any given time and preset a player's load out because he wants to be "sniper" or a "medic."
Matt: Players will be more fixed into their roles in PS2. This allows us to do some really fun role-specific mechanics that if allowed to be combined would make for really broken gameplay. In a more restricted system we can let you use and see lots of really cool, unique abilities and weapons in the game.

Q: Is there still inventory/backpacks? What is the shooting mechanics like? planetside 1 had COF/cone of fire.
Is there still going to be animations for getting in and out of vehicles?
Matt: Inventory won't exist in the same way as it did in PS1. There will still be loadouts, but you won't have to manage inventory space to trade-off ammo for medkits, etc.
bullets are simulated objects, they have physics, drop over distances, travel time, etc. There is cone of fire, recoil, all that snazzy stuff.
There aren't animations for getting into or out of vehicles.

Q: If the xp system is largely the same, will there be an assist system of some sort? Nothing was more frustrating than getting a tank to 10% only to have a reaver swoop in and KS. That or some sort of xp system based on damage would be cool.
Any plans for a "priority" based kill spam Ala TF2? It'd be really nice for your kills, your squadmates' kills, and their deaths to hang around in the kill spam longer than some random dude's death to a spitfire.
Matt: yes and yes

Q: Dear Matt,
1 - Will there be a jackhammer?
2 - Is there plans for achievement pauldrons to go on the shoulders? That created a true sense of achievement when your hard fought efforts were displayed for all to see! It was so immersive.
Matt: Exact weapons which will be in the game will be revealed soon, I don't want to give everything away too early!
I really like the pauldrons too, we're working out details on our achievements and their visual representations. There will definitely be ways to show off your accomplishments in the game.

Q: And it seems like since resources are going to be a huge part of the game.
This means to me Balance is going to be huge. How do you plan on handling this issue? Since The first planetside had balance issues all over the place.
Matt: Balance is always a huge, important concern. We have a sub-team dedicated to game balance.

Q: This makes me think of another question: are you taking in the feedback here? Can we actually affect the development of the game at this point, or, how much is set in stone?
Matt: Very little is "set in stone" some things are closer to being finalized than others, but we're very interested in feedback and integrating thoughts and opinions from the community into the game. Some of the things I'm seeing are illuminating and will definitely affect some decisions going forward.
edit to add: Trying to be everything to everyone is the easiest and surest way to guarantee failure. So, while we will absolutely be listening and integrating feedback where we can, there's no way we'll avoid making decisions that some folks are going to be unhappy about.

Q: In the old Auraxis they had weather systems actually showed on the old global map. Are there chances that will be making a comeback?
Everyone i know really loved the effects of the storms in planetside. would be nice to see again
Matt: We've got some really exciting plans for weather. I'll talk more about that when I know for sure if we're going to get everything in that we want.

Q: This Concerns the hell out of me, you have to be able to recert at some point, that was the great beauty of the original planetside, you where never stuck or funneled into anything and when you add RPG esc elements that effects how your weapons and other such things perform. You need to be able to change them to see what fits you and not be stuck.
You're never stuck, capped or locked in to anything with the PS2 cert system. Recerting isn't necessary because there's no restrictions on how many certs you can have trained at a time, just how many you can take advantage of on any given loadout.

Q: Will killing sprees be COD style or “good job, here’s some xp!”? I’d be shocked if we could do something like launching an OS for going on a killing spree.
Matt: I'd be shocked also. It's going to be more of the "Good job! you killed 10 dudes in a row without dying, you're doing awesome!" on screen notification variety than "unleash a massive space-kraken on your foes after you kill 10 guys in a row".
Source: ... stcount=19
Q: uhh.. there is one thing that I totally forgot, but did anyone ask whether or not we'll get that huge number of voice macros again?
You know, V-V-B and the rest. They were awesome! Honestly, they could just re-use the same voice macros from PlanetSide.
Matt: We're definitely going to have voice macros. More than in PS1. Many will be automatic, many will be activatable.
Source: ... tcount=122

Another video - taking about a number of things, kill-streak notifications (sans CoD4-style bomber runs etc), scale of fighting, a lot of squad/outfit based talk and other things I've since forgotten.

12th July 2011
Just a quick link to Planetside Universe's Media Roundup of all things PS2 related. There are links to each major news article on the game, along with videos from various sources.

PSU has released the penultimate fan faire update - with another due tomorrow. This is their interview with John Smedley:

PSU // J. Smedley wrote:Q. Can you elaborate a little bit on the free aspect that has been mentioned?
A. There will be a cash shop for the game however the goal is not to sell power. For example we would sell things like customization because we would like there to be a massive amount of ways to customize your characters. So people could recognize you or your outfit out of a group. We will not sell a more powerful gun or vehicle.

Q. Tell us more about how you would like to involve the community in PlanetSide 2 Development, and post release.
A. We will have the three year development plan as well as being active on the forums. We want to keep constant discussion open with the community and we plan to do that by directly interacting with the community.

Q. How important is PlanetSide 2 for SOE?
A. It's important to us and it's one of our big tent poles. We feel strongly about PlanetSide 2 and have dedicated a lot of resources to it.

Q. What are you most excited about with PlanetSide 2?
A. I am most excited to be playing it, this is the game that I want to play. I switch games I play every night and this is the game I am looking forward to playing every night.

Q. What was the biggest lesson you learned from PlanetSide when it comes to building the sequel?
A. Number 1 would be to keep the pace faster, things like the sanctuaries have no place in the game and slowed things down too much. Also we need to support the communities deep love for PlanetSide throughout.

Q. What are your plans to keep players involved for the long term. How do skills and training play into that? What are your plans for "End Game" for hard core players.

A. We plan on announcing a 3 year post launch vision for the game to go into detail on this. We will take fan feedback and alter the plan and really listen to the community feedback.

Q. If you could play one Sony game for the rest of your life what would it be?
A. PlanetSide for sure.

13th July 2011
Matt H responded on PSU to a query about "sharing BR" across 'classes':
Matt H wrote:If you're BR 10, that's on your character. Classes don't really have RANKS, they have CERTS which are locked or "gated" by the player's overall rank. So, if you're BR 10, you aren't automatically a level 10 AA Max since a level 10 AA max doesn't actually exist in a meaningful way. But, you have access to unlock level 10 AA Max CERTS, those CERTS would still require time to train and unlock.

So, while you can switch into a variety of roles, you'd be playing them completely untrained until you put some time into advancing all of them.

One final note: More advanced roles (Such as MAX or Liberator) may require advancement down a specific skill tree to unlock, for instance you may need to spend some time training Heavy Assault to unlock MAX skill trees, that way everyone can't just spawn an untrained powerful vehicle / weapon and still be very powerful with it despite not having any of the bells and whistles unlocked. This is something we're still playing with internally, we're doing a lot of iteration on these systems - when they're totally locked down you guys can expect to see a full expose on them get released.

Again, huge thank you for the questions and feedback guys... It's really awesome to have this community as a sounding board, sanity check and idea farm on some of these things.

G4TV have released a video of the public panel that took place last week at the fan faire, it has probably all be blogged about previously, but it's here for OCD purposes (and also to see if I can hit the character limit for 1 post!) - I highly recommend watching this - there are a few snippets of information that haven't been reported about - no "chest-high-walls-for-auto-cover" (a la Gears of War) nonsense.

14th July 2011
Matt H. has clarified the "headshot" system:
Matt H wrote:Q. What exactly is the planned Damage bonus for headshots? Will any Infantary weapon be able to One shot Kill?
A. The system allows us to have different damage bonuses for each weapon. This way we can make it so that sniper rifles give a 200% bonus making them OSOK on headshots and chainguns get a 0% bonus making it make no difference. Other guns like pistols or assault rifles might be somewhere in between based on how rewarding we feel precision should be with each of those weapons/weapon types. Vehicle weapons will likely have a 0% bonus.

Exact balance for this is not final, but that's the general idea that we're going with and we'll tweak as necessary.

15th July 2011
Matt H. also responded to speculation about "critical hits" and the like:
Matt H wrote:
Artifice wrote:Damage should not be determined by a roll of the dice.

There are no dice roll mechanics in PS2. We don't have critical hits. Player skill-based locational damage is predictable and equalized.

And (imo more importantly) alliances:
Matt H wrote:
Firefly wrote:How about Alliances?
We definitely recognize that the inclusion of role specific advantages as part of the outfit progression will lead players to wanting to create smaller specialized outfits / divisions. We do have a plans to address this and when we're ready to reveal more details on the outfits system (which seriously, seriously rules, by the way -- I think you guys are going to be really stoked with what we're doing here) you'll find out all about it.

19th July 2011
A couple of pictures (one | two) have been posted onto Tony Park's blog - showing off the TR along with some "new and exciting" shots of some sort of tower and an apparently inactive warpgate (unless they haven't done the art for the bubble just yet).

21st July 2011
First up: a new video - I havne't seen it, but there seems to be some news on character customising and deployable towers!

There was also also news that Planetside 2 is is available to preorder in the US (nothing on yet though).

And Planetside Universe have started their t-shirt give aways for active posters on their forums.

30th July 2011
Several dev posts on the PSU forums have been made over the past week, clarifying a number of things:
On the '20%' :
We're going to have hundreds if not thousands of certs at launch. These will vary from certs that unlock new weapons, implants, vehicles, weapon/vehicle attachments and class skills to ones that allow for faster reloading, less cone of fire, larger ammo capacity, and yes, additional damage. When we say overall 20% increase in power we're talking holistically, not necessarily "each of your bullets do 20% more damage! a winner is you!".

The spirit of the PS2 cert system is very much based around the PS1 paradigm of advancement by addition of situational flexibility and overall breadth of gameplay options. A good fps player playing light assault with minimal certs will always kick the s--t out of a bad fps player playing light assault with a lot of certs.

On proportionate XP:
We're doing assist XP, it'll affect for kills earned by your squad greater than outside your squad, but there will be some bonus for outside of squad assists also. There will be some graduation to it as well, if you do 90% of the damage to an enemy and someone swings in and finishes them off you'd get more than if you just randomly hit an enemy with one bullet in a massive firefight.

On Day/Night Cycles:
I was just looking at some kickass day/night cycle work this morning, in fact. It was pretty dark at night and the purple and yellow tracers sporadically illuminating the world was pretty slick.

8th August 2011
PSU have also posted an old-ish video from G4TV that may have been missed during the fan-faire information-overload.

Couple of interesting points mentioned- empire specific fighters (speculation this is meaning E-S aircraft along with the MBTs) along with the removal of a shuttle timer (though it would appear then that some form of HART-style transport will remain). Also - mission spawning (i.e. accept a mission, get teleported to there for instant-action).

16th August
FPS Guru has released an article all about PS2 - as there was some developer presence at the annual SnydCon event, along with a live demo of the forgelight engine:

Matt H@SyndCon wrote:“We can build in extra detail where it is needed,” said Matt as he pulled the camera in and out of landscapes and models. We saw the heat shimmer of super-heated air under vehicles, reflections of light off armor and the sun light striking the canyon at sunrise. There will be spotlights at night, on towers and on vehicles as well.

A few interesting details have come out from this:
There will be a dynamic weather system that can affect warfare. Intense firefights causing a lot of smoke can affect the weather and they also spoke of volumetric clouds that can mask vehicles. That may not be in at launch, but is definitely in the long term plan.

If a player has the command rank and the certifications, they can command the base to raise specific turrets such as anti-personnel or anti-aircraft. Missions are area based, the objectives popping up as you enter an area, but leaders can also pick missions for the squad / outfit as well

SoE hopes to create a parallel feel for outfits that’s like the US military, for players to recognize outfits for what they do, like how the 101st Airborne Division is known. To help with the identity, Outfits will be able to customize the look of their armor and vehicles. Leaders (with the right certifications) will be able to unlock abilities and customize the skill tree for the Outfit. Drilling down, an Outfit can have more than one Division, so they can have for example, a light assault Division, an Engineering Division and etc. Group play will be the same with 10 to a squad, but in addition, platoons of up to four squads can be formed.

18th August 2011 has posted news that Planetside 2 most likely won't be coming to the Playstation 3 - when asked about it, Matt H. had this reply:
Matt H. wrote:"I think I would have been told about it by now"

But more importantly, there are a load of new screenshots with the following things shown:
TR jetpacks, Different backpacks for some of the roles, Female TR concept art, TR Femail Infiltrator armour concept art (though this model might be present in previous screenshots -just I haven't seen it...) AND a TR holding an NC gun - so it looks like scavenging is in the game =D Jackhammas for all!!

21st August 2011
Forgot to mention previously: Don Ferrone (the guy behind the awesome music of Planetside) has released a couple of tracks to youtube that he has submitted for PS2.
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Re: PS:N News feed - Last update 5th April 2011

Postby Menacer » 06 Apr 2011, 18:58

Holy crap is all I have to say about that. Sounding fantastic! Especially that last quote from the devs...

God I can't wait for this game lol
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Re: PS:N News feed - Last update 14th April 2011

Postby Necro » 22 Apr 2011, 16:51

To say that this was the holy grail of mmo fps all those years ago, would be an understatement and as such I was literally salivating at the thought of a sequal when it was originally announced over a year ago.. I just hope to god they deliver the goods sometime soon as I'm holding off having another baby just to ensure I have time to play this (shhh don't tell the wife!) lol.
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Re: PS:N News feed - Last update 14th April 2011

Postby MADWyvern » 08 May 2011, 11:56

Great post CG, looking forward to future updates ; )
Nice to see some of the old faces come back into the fold, and let the ns/eve/monkehs (and whatever iteration of outfit name we choose for PS:N) roam the wilderness of Auraxis again.
I'm already playing this in my sleep. Ant ideas yet of what the outfit name should be? - Something that rolls of the tongue and doesnt hog the screen floating above peoples heads would be favourable.
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Re: PS:N News feed - Last update 7th July 2011

Postby CardiffGreens » 06 Jul 2011, 12:18

New update - afraid I'm away over the weekend, so I'll update this place once I get back on Sunday evening - rather than being able to provide "up-to-date" announcements as they happen.
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Re: PS:N News feed - Last update 7th July 2011

Postby Menacer » 06 Jul 2011, 20:07

Just saw the "coming soon" earlier... should be interesting to see what Sony announce this Friday!
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Re: PS:N News feed - Last update 7th July 2011

Postby Necro » 06 Jul 2011, 21:17

Is it wrong to be sitting here watching the clock count down @ ??

28:42:50 and counting...
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Re: PS:N News feed - Last update 7th July 2011

Postby CardiffGreens » 07 Jul 2011, 07:31

I forgot to mention - they (SOE) also have launched a fancy new facebook page for people to spread the word - which is nice to see the SOE marketing dept in full swing again! =P
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Re: PS:N News feed - Last update 7th July 2011

Postby Necro » 08 Jul 2011, 03:05

Well.... I sat up and waited for the PS2 site to go live... and now im off to bed with a big grin. I have to say that the new trailer looks bloody awesome!!
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Re: PS2 News feed - Last update 8th July 2011

Postby CardiffGreens » 08 Jul 2011, 08:35

Well, I managed to sneak a look at the trailer, freaking awesome. Not sure I like the use of the words "class system" and "skill trees" mind. But lets see what the dev team bring us later today. =D

Also, I highly recommend that "talky" video at the end of my last update - goes into a bit more detail of some things.

Looking like some sort of class system you can switch between as needed, with an overarching cert/skill system in place to advance your character and such. Not sure how that'll work in terms of balance, as they mentioned some sort of EVE-style offline-time skilling learning procedure.

I wait with bated breath, might even take my mobile out with me to this Scout camp so I can keep up to date on twitter with all the news =P
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