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[Gran Turismo 5] GT Academy - Win a race seat at Dubai 24hr!

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2011, 18:03
by CardiffGreens
"Some say he's painted go faster stripes on his computer case as a cheap alternative to overclocking..."

So, think you can race?
Own GT5? Or fancy earning an international racing license and driving a Nissan 370Z GT4 in the Dubai 24 hour race? (If not, you can probably stop reading now...)

Then this might be for you:

The "Gran Turismo Acedemy time trial" is now open (in the "seasonal events" section of the game). Registration can be done here - entrance is open until April the 17th, after which the competition will close.

Entrants need to be over 18, with a valid passport. The top twenty entrants (in terms of best time) from each area (UK&Ireland, Austria&Germany, France&Switzerland, Spain&Portugal and Holland) will progress to a 2-day event . Entrants will then undergo various virtual and real-life challenges. 2 from each final will then progress to the race camp -
The race camp will be an 8-day event at Silverstone. With race training and real-life driving events against other finalists. The overall winner will then go on a 7-month intensive training course with the chance to drive for a team at the Dubai 24 hour event in January 2012.

*All-white alpine race suit and helmet combo not necessary. Though you might want to try wearing bright-yellow racing gloves whilst playing the game - seems to work for Nico R.