Rules of engagement

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Rules of engagement

Postby MADWyvern » 03 Dec 2011, 17:48

1. Do Not attack enemy base, unless:
i) Enemy is attacking you from within base (Mortars etc)
ii) Enemy has returned to their base DURING a firefight (Aircraft);

2. Keep disagreements to a minimum - If you can't resolve an issue yourself, contact an admin

3. Do Not use excessive RPG/SMAW on infantry

4. On METRO conquest use of RPG is prohibited. There are no vehicles. so no need for anti-vehicle weapons

5. Do not stats pad

6. DO NOT TK - If you TK take the time to apologise, Please don't retaliate.

8. Have fun, if your not having fun, report immediately to an admin... we must be doing something wrong. :cry:
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