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Postby Wolfdale » 14 Jan 2006, 23:56

b0fh wrote:re-reading the OP i'd also suggest ata133 drives (hard only) or sata1/2 - that will help a LOT with loading times :)

yeah most of my drives support ata 100, but somehow it will only go to ata66

i dont feel like spending loads and loads of money and replacing parts that are working just fine..

i got a 6800.. its perfect.. so im going for a agp mobo, and since intel is more expensive in cost/speed im looking for amd as well

a dual cpu support might be nice..

but if i say get 3500... and get another 3500 later.. how much will that bring me... 5000 total ? since one processor has to be used to combine the two you will NEVER get 200% with 2x 100% .. the efficiency would drop to 160?? 170% max i guess ?

so this made me question..

the mainboard will probably be more expensive.. and adding a second cpu will also be more expensive..

wouldnt it be cheaper to buy a faster single processor ? or get a socket939 mainboard and just replace it later instead of adding a second cpu..

wich brings me to the second thing... dual cpu ?? you seen the size of my cooler... no way i can fit another one of those in the case..
its just full.. i have zalman cooler on my gpu wich is allready costing me the next 2 pci slots under it. my cpu has barely enough room to fit the zalman flower on it.. getting a second cpu would really become a problem i think.. or i should switch back to crap standard coolers from coolermaster

and that brings up the third thing..

the reason i have a zalman cooler on my cpu is becouse i overclock it...
i think i got one of the low end cpu's cuz it wont give me more than 50 mhz gain without getting unstable as hell..

i know in case of intel... they make series of cpu's and test and mark them mhz on it later depending on the test results.. or if they have need for 3.4ghz.. they take 3.6 ghz and cap em at 3.4 ghz, in wich case you can easy overclock em without problem..

i think i just got a bad batch on my cpu since it wont really gain anything.

hows the amd 64bits go on this ?

might be nice to get a mobo with a AMD 64bit 4000 and just overclock 10%.. this might be faster than 2x 3000 and probably cheaper too

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