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Postby Bubbles » 30 Jan 2006, 22:44

Primary Game: Guild Wars

But ive levelled so many chars to the max now that i dont think i can bring myself to do it again. I enjoyed the storyline tho the first couple of times and the quests.

Secondary Game: well i still have an EQ2 account active (lord knows why) everytime i try to log on and play i just sort of sit and stare at my char then log out again. Cant seem to find the heart to play it anymore. Ill be cancelling soon as I have to start paying for this game hehe.

looking forward to playing D&D too

Whack a Newbie!
Whack a Newbie!
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Postby Terathis » 31 Jan 2006, 12:51

Primary Game: Auto Assault and Civ 4 I guess...soon to be Rising Force Online baby!

Games I play (occasionally)
Guild Wars
Battlefield 2
Battle for Middle Earth 2 Beta
The Sims 2
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Whack a Newbie!
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Postby JoeKooL » 31 Jan 2006, 13:55

primary game: none

secondary games: auto aussault
cov (only till gtc is gone)
planetside (but need to buy gtc first)
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Postby leohfhn » 20 Mar 2006, 03:36

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As per most EULA, the mixing of real and in-game sales is prohibited.
Also, the need for your account details to be shared, is also prohibited. does not promote anything that violates either a users right, or a companies T&Cs.

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Whack a Newbie!
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