[Gran Turismo 5] - Take on DC // Virtual versus Reality

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[Gran Turismo 5] - Take on DC // Virtual versus Reality

Postby CardiffGreens » 03 Sep 2011, 09:40

PlaystationEU info page
Live race website

On Monday the 5th of September @ 15:20BST, David Coulthard will be taking a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for a spin on a "European Based circuit"** - but he'll be racing against 6 other drivers based at Brooklands in a real-versus-virtual match up.

Coverage will start from 1, and (more importantly for anyone not racing then) this race will for a new in-game special event for Gran Turismo 5 players available until Monday the 26th of September, allowing for anyone with the game to take on an ex-F1 driver.

** For "European-based-circuit" I think we can probably read in "Top Gear Test Track" instead. Boo, I was hoping for a new course in game =P

Edit - a rather entertaining event afterall, hopefully you'll be able to watch the 45minutes of it all online somewhere.

Edit 2: Indeed, Mercedes are planning on hosting on-demand coverage on the race website
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