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More detailed wow forum

Postby Greyhairs » 29 Dec 2005, 13:11

As suggested in the wow forum, maybe different sections could be added to give it a more detailed and organised view to new members, encouraging them to actualy use the some members are only connected to monkehs through wow (at first).

Trading area
Raid area
Talent specs
Class areas

Just an idea, better approve my post mena m8 :) took me all of 5 minutes to compose!!!
and get ur arse on wow more to!!
we all miss ya :)

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Cannon Fodder
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Postby Deadeye » 29 Dec 2005, 22:21

gd idea
Once is Enough

Whats a Frag?
Whats a Frag?
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Postby Menacer » 29 Dec 2005, 22:29

Certainely possible their grey, now the only reason why this wouldnt be added at the moment is because if it wouldnt be used it would be another useless part of the site.

Now we have no problem with adding this in but we do ask that if we provide it that you memebrs actually use it.

Do yuo want one forum for them all or seperate ones or what little more descrip plz ;) :P
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