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comic books o.0

Postby Wolfdale » 13 Jan 2006, 16:51

we could have one of the artists make a comic book every friday..:P


this will be exactly what i mean.. would be fun to do this with our own monkeh's

ocasionally one of the "monkeh's " is a guest.. the main carachers would be non excistent.. but there could be a monkey called menacer do a guest role in one of the episodes every now and then :P

lot of nice ideas for this.. might be fun :)

we can have the story going in a subforum, we just need a few artists or something.. im sure everyone here has an idea on some kickass adventure for the monkeh heroes :)

Whats a Frag?
Whats a Frag?
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Postby The_B » 13 Jan 2006, 19:26

Well, I already have something similar in the process using game engines, having dabbled with creating one with CoH. I may start actually writing some stories and putting some simple ones together in the near future.

Not just yet though, very busy with RL atm.

-Oh, and I believe Kaze Deltex(?) did one recently about WoW that was awsome.
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