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Steam News & Facts!

PostPosted: 24 Dec 2005, 19:52
by ph3onix
This was a busy week for us as far as releases were concerned, with updates to Counter-Strike: Source, the Source engine running in 64 bit, and Day of Defeat: Source. We hope everyone is enjoying the new content. The plan is to keep releasing updates and new games next year.

There are literally millions of people in the community that connect to Steam each month, so we compiled a couple of statistics for what has happened in the past year:

** Steam has delivered approximately 10 million gigabytes of data since the first of the year. You could fill 125,000 80 GB hard drives with this data to make a line over 11 miles long. Not that you would want to, but the visual helps.

** There have been a total of 50 billion player minutes in our multiplayer games since the start of the year. If a single person sat down to play on their own, it would take 2.28 million years to accomplish this. This is assuming that you're not planning on sleeping during this 2 million year stretch.

Not bad imo.

PostPosted: 24 Dec 2005, 20:04
by @B0FH
Yeah.... and then if you lie head to toe all the gamers who've had unnecessary downtime due to poorly tested patches.... ;)

PostPosted: 25 Dec 2005, 18:37
by ph3onix would create a line that could travel the distance from earth, to the sun, and back again...five times...