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Have Your ROFLCake & Eat It

Postby @B0FH » 05 Mar 2006, 23:59

So there I was playing on server happily (Extremely so as my CSS skill hasnt dropped below the "pitiful" that it was despite all my time on UT lately!) and low-and-behold, a bump into a CT at short A (Dust2). We both pray n spray, both run out of ammo! He starts retreating whilst shooting his pistol off, i give chace, hitting q to switch weapons.... and I remember I had my flashbang out :/

What happened next........

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Postby wong100 » 06 Mar 2006, 01:24

Nice one :) don't think i've done that yet but might have had it happen to me, best i got is a Ultra Kill
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Postby Deadeye » 16 Mar 2006, 16:52

M-m-m-monster kill ftw
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