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Postby Yarrick » 09 Jan 2005, 06:40

rule1. never max out your squads.. never ever click the renforce button.
rule2. get a nob in every squad before you attack.. if you can upgrade your choppy reaserch and your nob powerclaw.
rule3. get at least 1 rokket launcher per spuad of boyz. it really helps.
rule4. get stickbomb research
optional :# get a flamer or a big shoota in units along with your rokket launcher.
optional :# try and get 3 wartraks with the first upgrade so they have missle launchers.
optional :# get killa kanz with missle launchers

(if your wondering why i have so many missle launcers its because most ork players have trouble with tanks..)

(if you get attacked by a tank make all your mean hold ground stance, then blow it down with missles - follow up with an uber orc charge):the missles and your stick bombs with knock the enamy to the floor leaving them open for a beeting:

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