finally figured what id been doing wrong.

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finally figured what id been doing wrong.

Postby Hyperion » 08 Feb 2005, 11:23

With Somefools help of course.

I couldnt understand it really, was getting rushed in a few games and the enemy seemed to just have more troops than me.

Especially on something like quattra where you rush to hold the centre asap. Id pull out all the stops and just manage to get a couple of scout groups to the centre and maybe a hero and bam enemy turns up with 2 squads of something nasty plus hero.

What was it?

Well my startups for elder or spacemarines or chaos are all fairly similar.

build the troop producer.
get 2 basic troops out the base and one more builder.
Build a generators
build a hero and a second generator
get basic troops on capturing.
Then start building the listening posts. Thats it im pretty low on cash by that point.

I found though that this startup lets you upgraed the listening posts early and then boosts cash inflow, of course this means bugger all if you just lost your hero and two scout groups and now your base is being trampled on.

So discovered that you should not build those generators.

New startup for marines seems to be
build troop thing,
build 2 or 3 scouts
build hero
build space marine squad
put up first listening post
build second space marine squad.

At this point I can decide if I need another biulder or not, but I start putting listening posts down and building up those two sm squads.

priorities after this now are generators and an armoury fast. Then its dig the sm's into a crater with heavy bolters whilst you build up.

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