The Eldar Banshee rush

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The Eldar Banshee rush

Postby Hyperion » 15 Feb 2005, 09:14

Ok I'm sure some of you jmust have seen how slow I used to be at starting up in DoW. Well after a bit of research and fiddling with the results. I now have my Banshee rush.

First up I get the aspect portal(AP) up and running.
Next I build a Bonesinger (BS) and 2 guardians (GU)
The second BS assists on the AP build.
First GU goes to cap nearest point.
AP is set to research banshee's
Second GU is sent to next nearest point.
Banshee's(HB) requested to be build. Farseer(FS) queued second more HB's
GU1 is then sent to a new point.
GU2 is sent forward to the central hold point (every map has one its the point you take to get the edge on the enemy, or its the choke point.) Banshees are sent following them. GU2 caps the point HB's stay on guard. GU1 caps points behind this section. AP is set to pu a rally point near the choke point.

When you can put 2 LP's down. and get the first Banshee squad reinforcing.

You need a Gen, a 3rd HB squad and a Soul shrine. (not necessarily in that order, just see how resources pan out.)

By the point the FS reaches GU1 and HB1 you should see the enemy appear. Maybe even earlier. Let the HB's deal with them. But don't let them chase the enemy. There is an enemy commander on the way.

A useful upgrade any point now is Fleet of Foot. Get it for the speed benefit (you get out of combat fast and save the squad)

When the enemy returns with the Commander they are likely to be with a squad or two of marines, chaos marines or sluggers.

Get the HB's in hand to hand, use the Guardians to fire on anyone not entering hand to hand combat. (important that one)

Guide one of the HB squads, mind war the enemy commander, psychic storm anyone not in hand to hand, and then charge your FS into hand combat with the commander. back the FS up with one hb squad.

When you win the enemy commander should be dead, or running, it may even be worth chasing the commander to finish them. The third HB squad should be turning up about now.

start putting more gens down if possible, the soul shrine should be built put exarchs in every HB squad. Research War shout, research entangle.

By now things have ot hectic and the temptation is to settle in your position and build up. You need more webway gates start building them, and you'll need that vehicle research done.

If you have 3 HB squads and two GU squads which you should, and you just wasted a commander and 2 or 3 SM squads or CSM squads, you know your enemy has practically nothing left. Get a builder putting a lp down on that forward point and move your troops forwards. If its orks, it may be better to build a bit before assaulting there base.

Several things now that you need, you need power asap, you need webway portals and you need to upgrade LP's to tier 2. You should research either Dark reapers (DR) or Warp spiders (WS) DR if you face chaos or SM's, WS if its orks.

You will probably want the webways researching shroud too, but thats a huge shopping list you have now. The first things you need are to back up your squads with some firepower. the webways can be used to build Shuriken platforms and Bright lances, two shurikens first 2 brightlances after. Attach shurikens to the GU squads and Brightlances to DR's if you have them coming.

If you where moving on the enemy base its important to tie up the enemyies troops that will keep appearing. Keep your FS back a bit, she will be injured and need healing. Brgin her forward in line with the GU squads but the HB's should be in the thick of it. Keep guiding squads when you can.

Use GU squads to shoot turrest but HB's must always always be in Hand to hand combat. troops appear rush them with the HB's. dont worry that your not taking the bases down becuase the GU's although slow to kill turrets will sooon have platform back up.

If it goes badly pull back knowing you crippled the guy. Remember 3 squads of HB's will pretty much kill anything Hand to hand. and that war shout breaks enemy squads. use it as much and as freuqently as possible to destroy morale.

Notes on HB's: these guys are hand to hand specialist, they excel in close quarters. now I know the description says good on heavy infantry (they eat sm's) but they do well on orks too as long as they break the orky morale. Hence war shout. Remember troops in Hand to hand have a huge bonus to defence. This means that GU squads should fire at range on anyone not in hand to hand combat. but it does mean that HB's should only ever be in hand to hand to protect them. If the enemy has a turret and some troops nearby it can sometimes work by charging the troops with the hb's and leave the guardians on the turrets. The HB's wont take much damage becuase they are in close quarters. With this method you can charge through an enemy base.

This doesnt work on orcs before you try it. they have so many peashooter turrets the HB's wont last. (well unless you have BS wraithtombing there buildings.)

If you face chaos this is your chance to hit them hard before the possessed show up, when they do you want to make sure you have a nice defence.

By the time your platforms show up they are pretty much on base destruction duty.

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Postby Hyperion » 15 Feb 2005, 11:03

hmm noone wants to comment on this fantastic strat?

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Lupicinus Werewolf
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Postby Snak » 15 Feb 2005, 11:06

Long :D


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