New DOW patch

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New DOW patch

Postby Hyperion » 17 May 2005, 11:09

Have I got things right here?

The New DOW patch nerfs Orcs and Eldar and buffs Chaos and SM's

So the two races who needed no buffing get helped... and the race that is weak against vehicels is made weaker (eldar) and the race that was most difficult.... read weak.. to play was made weaker still.

does that make sense?

Does this mean that when playing DoW from now on there is no point using Eldar or Orc. SM are there for a challenge and CSM's are the standard race to use.

Well so much for a balanced game for professional competitions I'd rather have the game with 4 playable races that is fun to play and has variety than the game with 1 but is a "professional tournament" game.


All well see from menacer now are those darn defiler rushes.

Lupicinus Werewolf
Lupicinus Werewolf
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Postby Menacer » 17 May 2005, 11:50

look in the screenshots section... lol

10 defilers and the msot amount of CM's with Rocket launchers > anything tbh =/
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Postby Kaze » 17 May 2005, 13:21

Well tbh, hyp, thats what i thought when i saw the patch notes. But it seems some of the Ork stuff has been buffed too, and asfar as i know nothing SM has been changed...dunno why eldar got screwed over though :\

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