Anyone up for a game of DOW?

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Anyone up for a game of DOW?

Postby Nubbins » 04 Sep 2005, 10:00

as it says in the title anyone up for a game i got cd2 of a mate so i can play now. aint played it yet.

Mad Monkeh!
Mad Monkeh!
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Postby Kaze » 04 Sep 2005, 11:20

Yeah, sure =) You got my MSN, maybe this afternoon about..3? Dunno if im meant tobe doing a wow instance

Lupicinus Werewolf
Lupicinus Werewolf
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Postby Menacer » 04 Sep 2005, 11:24

Suree, we all had a couple games not long back and now well... we aint played ina couple but im sure we will get a few games going!
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Postby Hyperion » 05 Sep 2005, 09:20

yeah DoW lets play

Lupicinus Werewolf
Lupicinus Werewolf
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Postby GReaper » 05 Sep 2005, 09:49

i'll play
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Whats a Frag?
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