[The Last Remnant] - Demo available

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[The Last Remnant] - Demo available

Postby CardiffGreens » 02 Mar 2009, 22:20

Yeah, it's in here since we don't have a "proper" RPG section....

Anyways, I had a few days off last week, and I was planning on spending them trawling through the few games I've got in the last 2 weeks (Fallout 3, DoW 2 and Psychonauts) - only problem is Square Enix decided to email me to inform me that the Last Remnant demo is out and about!

So, I decided to give it a whirl.

Late Saturday evening I discovered it wasn't actually a "proper" final fantasy game, only another "action" RPG (where turn based combat, meets the bane of Yahtzee's life - "Quick Time Events" in order to "do moar dps!") made by the same people, mixing the same amount of steam and cyber-punk technology with magic, improbably-shaped heroines and strange-floating rocks, all packaged in that "we did this in FF11, really liked it and aren't going to change it" style of art.

However, it seems a cool enough game - though the controls aren't really explained, and I'm glad I hooked my windows-box controller up, since the mouse/kb settings looked like they were made to persuade people to go fish out any gamepad, just to avoid using the keyboard to play.

The demo can be found on the website (I can't manage to get the direct link off the email they sent) - and if you're in the mood for stomping on imps, lizards and big dragons, it's worth it along for the near comic voice-acting (once again proving that for hollywood, there is only 1 type of british accent :D)
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