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death to the defiler

Postby paulbenness » 30 Nov 2004, 22:38

:twisted: I always start with 4 servitors split into twos groups then 2 scout squads.
the scouts go off to the nearest 2 strat points. meanwhile the servs are building gens and turrets back at the stronghold.
when srat points are captured i send the servs off to build turrets around them, all sides.
then hold back and wait till your resources build up.
use the servs to maintain turrets untill you can get enough resources to complete the best research ie heavy weapons.
build two squads of marines with plasma guns and flame throwers use these to branch out to other strat points always following up with servs.
you can fit 8 turrets round a srat point 4 should be rocket launchers.
watch the carnage as your resources overflow

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Whack a Newbie!
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Postby barlam » 04 Jan 2005, 12:13

im mostly an eldar player but im nasty with space marines, hit my base and you will hit a wall of turrets. my gameplay revolves around defence let them come to me, but my first tactic is to get 2 squads of scouts and research the 'cloak' ability, find their abse and hide there till i can use drops for the dreds and squads. thats about the only assult i do.

Eldar is the same, but with all my buildings cloaked too ^_^

tend to use falcons too for nice sneeky fly over river drop my troops behind your base tactics.

ill have to play with you guys soon

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