World Instances (Horde)

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World Instances (Horde)

Postby Geneysis » 09 Sep 2005, 12:26

Since I got asked last nite how many instances there were & I couldn;t remember here is a list of them, as they currently stand (with lvl ranges)....

Ragefire Chasm (13-15)
Wailing Caverns (15-21)
Shadowfang Keep (18-25)
Blackfathoms (20-27)
Gnomeregan (24-33)
Raforfen Kraul (25-35)
Scarlet Monastery (30-40)
Razorfen Downs (35-40)
Uldaman (35-45)
Maraudon (40-49)
Zul'Farrack (43-47)
Sunken Temple (44-50)
Blackrock Depths (48-56)
Blackrock Spire (53-60)
Stratholme (55-60)
Dire Maul (56-60)
Scholomance (56-60)

17 in Total..

Excludes Raids (e.g. Molten Core etc)

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Postby Demonicrabbit » 09 Sep 2005, 15:02

other raids are Blackwing lair within blackrockspire ie upper :P

then u got the outdoor raid bosses cant remember the names ones a dragon other isa demonlord.

of course these instances are shortened down

err off the top of me head

BRD = black rock depths
LBRS = lower black rock spire
UBRS = upper black rock spire
MC = molten core
BWL = black wing lair
scholo = scholomance
strat = stratholme 2 parts baron run ( main boss ) or scarlet side
ST = sunken temple

u get me drift :P
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Postby Rocktart » 09 Sep 2005, 17:01

Strat Baron is also known as the undead (UD) side.

Full list of instances, with info and stuff, on the official site here ... geons.html
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Postby evilbarbie » 09 Sep 2005, 17:36

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Postby SomeFool » 10 Sep 2005, 00:01

I would knock those levels around a bit. Those may be what the Atlas says but I think those are the lowest mob levels in there. For instance, I would never consider taking someone into UBRS below level 57 because of aggro from the sides during the arena script event. And if you want to kill the emporer in BRD then (to be safe) your going to need a group of 58+.
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