DDO usefull links for Beta information

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DDO usefull links for Beta information

Postby wowlupine » 26 Jan 2006, 23:32

Hi Guys :)

Ive had a lot of good information from this site


It differs from other good sites in that DDO fans as well as beta testers and preorder testers get to submit and edit the information there daily. Keeping it up to date, made by the players for the players.

It covers the large areas of character development giving a good overview of enhancements and feats, helping you to decide what stats to invest in at character creation, and what stats to pick in your enhancements, both racial and class stats alike while you level your character.

A very good site for quest information, walkthroughs as well as good detailed maps comes from;


This site also features shops and vendors, as well as a decent tip tool on various monsters and tactics for dealing with them. You dont want the rusted monster devouring your rapier of slayall do you - some very interesting and surprising information on monsters can be found if you look at the mob section.

Remember these sites are build on information collected in beta. Some of the information may change before retail.

While Revaro and the guys builds a knowledge base for Monkehs on DDO dont hesitate if you have other links that you have found usefull - I will gladly add it to this list.


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Postby Peerless » 07 Feb 2006, 08:59

Nice to see a link to our site from here! Hope this can become a great resource for all!

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