PVP Set Team Provisional Roster

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PVP Set Team Provisional Roster

Postby Necro » 16 Mar 2006, 12:56

As a follow on from Zkeb's post which has generated a lot of interest, I have created this sticky thread purely for people to put their names down.

please use the following proforma;

Name: <Character Name>
Class: <Class>
Level: <Level>
Rank: <PVPrank>
Epic Mount: <Yes/No>

Strengths: <your positive class/build attributes in pvp>

Weaknesses: <any negative elements of your build in pvp>

Best Utilisation: <attack group, zerg, flag defense, etc>

If you cant answer one of the above, just leave it blank ;)
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Postby Necro » 16 Mar 2006, 13:00

Name: Domito
Class: Hunter
Level: 60
Rank: 3 (slipped alot of ranks due to long term absence)
Build: BM/MM
Epic Mount: Yes

Strengths: High Stamina build (over 4100), reasonable consistent high dps, detect stealth & traps, good health regen (spirit bond), and some of the nastiest pets going (ZG Bat, Son of Hakkar, Ursius Bear)

Weaknesses: No huge Crits

Best Utilisation: Flag defence
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Postby Zkeb » 16 Mar 2006, 13:06

Name: Zkeb
Class: Shaman
Level: 60
Rank: 7.. shoulda been 10 by now... but helping guildies takes away frmo my pvp :)
Talents: Elemental with a touch of Enchancement for that fast wolf and 3 on Healing :)
Epic Mount: Not yet... cry.. bloody Frost wolf pain in arse ;)

Strengths: Am damage spec... 115+ to Spell dmg atm.. but this also effects healing.. so I can also heal well :) Have fast wolf with my boots and 1 sec cast for thsoe WSG games when no druid is around for Flag carrying. Have nearly 5k armour so can almost tank :P I know how to abuise certain totems so that MC is not effective... and such :)

Weaknesses: I'm a cow... no epic mount either :P

Best Utilisation: Flag Carrier/ Falg Defence
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Postby Mammoth » 16 Mar 2006, 14:19

Name: Mammoth
Class: Druid
Level: 60
Rank: 4
Build: FC/B
Epic Mount: Yes

Strengths: In bearform, High AC/High HP (approx 8000 armour/6000 HP) - Good tank, good dps, backup healer, stealth

Weaknesses: bad mana conservation

Best Utilisation: Tanking, flag runner, stealth teams, and MAYBE healing if u ask me nicely

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Postby Jasamondo » 16 Mar 2006, 15:31

Name: Jasamondo
Class: Warrior
Level: 60
Rank: 7 - Blood Guard
Talents: Arms/Fury
Epic Mount: Yes

Strengths: Er.. Pass o_O

Weaknesses: Mages gank meh

Best Utilisation: Defense or attack

Name: Jazazze
Class: Mage
Level: Gettng there :)
Rank: 0 - Nub
Talents: Not decided, if I use her in instances it'll be frost/arcane, if for pvp it'll be fire/arcane
Epic Mount: No.

Strengths: Good, strong ranged damage

Weaknesses: Poor defense against melee classes

Best Utilisation: Attack, zerg and defense

Hope I get a spot on the team :P

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