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[Blood Bowl]

Postby CardiffGreens » 16 Jun 2009, 20:57

Somehow this managed to pass me by until now.

Released on the PC on the 26th of June. (Though only digital download, the english boxes won't be coming out unitl ~september along with the XBox360 version - though you can get the CE edition from France or Germany if you can put up with the manuals in foreign languages)

For those who don't know Blood Bowl, it's Warhammer (the fantasy stuff, rather than Space Marines) meets American Football. With more violence.

Seems Cyanide have got the rights to make the game (using the cunning strategy of releasing "Chaos League", getting a lawsuit from Games Workshop and then get the license rights to make this one) - and the game comes in two flavours - either as a turn-based affair (for those wanting to recreate the table-top game, minus the hours upon hours of painting) or as a real-time strategy game.

Link is here

edit - phail at links :(
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